A Little About Me

Welcome to Feelings of Love Jewelry!  

I started Feelings of Love Jewelry after I decided to leave the advertising world to pursue my passion, jewelry making, 

While I was working on  getting the many jewelry diplomas  ,I was hit with the worst news ever!!

I got word that both my Mother & Father were both diagnosed with cancer,  both on the same day!  How rare was that!  So, after a long two years of caring for both of them, their story did not have  positive ending.

After getting  over the shock of losing them both I was concerned that this would delay getting my diplomas for  designing  and making jewelry

Studying and grieving at the same time made me think “There has to be a way of expressing my grief and work through this horrible situation” I knew my Mom would be so disappointed if I didn’t continue my courses and follow my dreams.

I wanted to help others who needed a way express their feelings. in any situation. Showing them how they feel about that special person in their life.

So, I decided I would set out to create the most unique, one-of-a-kind, high quality jewelry! So in 2011 Feelings of Love Jewelry was born!  I released my first line of hand crafted jewelry and the response has been amazing!  Nothing but pure love from everyone!

Now my returning clients only expect the best from me and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them.

I am thrilled that everyone who buys a Feelings of Love piece of jewelry knows they are getting a unique one-of-a-kind piece anyone would want to wear.

So welcome! Please take a look around and maybe you will see something that will help you express the way you feel about that special someone or design something custom made