Handcrafted Retro Fan Cuff Bangle

Add a touch of vintage charm: Stand out with a handcrafted retro fan cuff bangle, the perfect accessory to complement your retro
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This retro bangle is a stylish and elegant piece of jewelry that is designed to adorn your wrist and make a fashion statement. Made from high-quality, lightweight aluminum, this bangle has a smooth, polished surface that glows in the light and catches the eye.

The retro design of the bangle is characterized by its sleek, minimalist look and its smooth, rounded edges. The bangle is crafted to fit comfortably on your wrist, with a slightly curved shape that hugs your skin and stays in place.

Highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your bangle will last for years to come.

Due to the hand stamped nature of these bangles, I am not able to provide a proof prior to making an order. There is no computer involvement for these, each letter and design is hammered into the metal one by one.

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